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When you trust our custom mobile app development services, you get modern apps that can transform your business and help it grow. Sitemap Computers is a mobile app development company that’s ready to take on any challenge you throw our way.


Full-service Custom Mobile App Development

From the moment your app idea enters your mind to the end of development and beyond, our mobile app development team are here to provide revolutionary and full-service app services. You don’t need to be an expert in mobile apps to have an excellent one – leave that type of work to our mobile app development company.

We’ve helped many top brands in Qatar build strategies and design user journeys to engage target audiences and expand reach.


We offer a full cycle of application design, integration and management services. Whether it is a consumer-oriented app or a transformative enterprise-class solution, the company leads the entire mobile app development process from ideation and concept to delivery, and to ongoing support.

  • Custom iOS and Android apps development
  • Native and cross-platform solutions
  • Second platform app development
  • UI/UX design
  • Consulting and prototyping
  • Automated QA and testing
  • Power management, notification and geofencing
  • Embedded Android & AOSP customizations
  • Maintenance and post-warranty support


Our mobile app developers have over a decade-long expertise in building solutions that meet market needs, empower companies’ brand identity, and encourage business growth and expansion.

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Native Mobile App

Our mobile app developers can build high-quality native apps for both Android and iOS systems aligned with your business and security requirements.

Hybrid Mobile App

Cross-platform apps that can work in different environments thanks to a unique blend of native and web app technologies.

Progressive Web App Development

With Progressive Web Apps, we deliver native-like capabilities and install ability while reaching anyone, anywhere, on any device with a single codebase.

Wearables and Embedded Software

We can create companion apps for a number of wearable devices, integrate with smart devices or proprietary peripherals. codebase.

iOS App Development Qatar

We have all the expertise you need to produce fully-fledged, stable, and scalable mobile applications, including:

  • iPhone App Development
  • iPad App Development
  • Apple Watch App Development
  • Apple TV App Development
  • App Clips Development

Android App Development Qatar

Using the latest technologies, we help businesses establish their presence on any modern device and platform, including:

  • Android Mobile App Development
  • Android TV App Development
  • Android Tablet App Development
  • Android Wear App Development

Cross-platform App Development

Get top-notch mobile applications that run on multiple platforms costs while providing your users with an app that fits their OS. Use this alternative to reduce costs and time-to-market and to reach more users without loss of quality, including:

  • Hybrid Mobile App Development
  • Hybrid Tablet App Development
  • Hybrid TV App Development


Mobile App Development: FAQs

What is a mobile app?

A mobile application, or mobile app, is software designed to run on a device like a phone or tablet. Its functionality is limited when compared to a company website. For instance, an eCommerce site may have a blog and pop-up newsletter sign-ups, but the app for the same site could strictly make sales.

How many mobile apps are there?

Apps are becoming an increasingly important part of digital commerce. There are roughly five million apps as of 2022. Nearly three million of those are on the Google Play Store (Android), and over two million are on the Apple app store.

How do you create a mobile app?

The basic steps to creating a mobile app are developing an idea, doing relevant research, fleshing out the idea, and, finally, developing the app.

  • Have the idea: What does your company need?
  • Research your idea and audience: Ask yourself what your audience wants and what the app needs to look like.
  • Flesh out your idea: Use your research to detail precisely what you want your app to do and look like.
  • Develop the app: App development includes wireframing, assessing the app’s feasibility, and developing a prototype, among other tasks.
  • After the interface is designed and coded, test the app to ensure it works as expected and fits the customers’ needs.

When the app is ready, roll it out and maintain the app to improve and attract positive reviews.

The easiest way to create a mobile app, though, is to hire a mobile app development company like Sitemap Computers.

What is mobile development?

Mobile development is an umbrella term for software development for programs that work across mobile devices and computers.

As smartphones and tablets continue to grow in popularity, more software development comes with a mobile component to ensure users can access their favorite websites and programs on their favorite devices.

Should I build a native or hybrid mobile app?

There are a few factors that come to play when deciding to go with a native or hybrid mobile app, which include:

– If your app idea requires access to native iOS and Android features or if there be lots of user interaction in the app. Native apps perform better with user interaction and animation, it is also best to build a native app if it depends on native app features

– The budget of your project. Hybrid mobile apps are generally cheaper to build as they use web technology and work on both iOS and Android.

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